Time Yu is tasted collect minister of hydrotherapy of sauna of Guangzhou peaceful hall

Ascend the stairs, lian Zhengwen is changed gradually the heart of moist person. Recently, luo Chong surrounded Guangzhou city 2017 field force sauna how many sea space of stair of three-layer of center of culture of bead area conference ” Lian Zhengwen spends part ” build and investment is used, the newest directive that the mechanism cadre that contact attends the meeting needed party conduct learns to Lian Zhengjian is set and turn over corrupt job already on the road of classics in this is spirit, comprehensive from Yan Zhi the party should know to should be met ” keyword ” paraphrase, also knew sea bead area advancing record be careful in one’s conduct the innovation practice in process of development of censorial job high quality, the culture that accepts term of clean-fingered theme poem is edified and the moral character of Fan Ren content affects Lian Zhengfeng.
According to statistic, 2019 first half of the year, sea bead area is various record be careful in one’s conduct is censorial force of field of Guangzhou of constituent put on record is recreational Jin Cheng is recreational meeting place 148 148 people, make disciplinary action of party disipline government affairs 44 people. Deepen apply ” the first kind of configuration ” carry qualitative operation, ” conversational case ask + ” , develop ” silvan cultivate ” action, begin a talk to remind 4313 person-time first half of the year, case ask 7 person-time. Discipline of sea bead area appoint inspect appoint through censorial enclothe completely, supervise effectively, radically reform, knit prison knit close cheap politics defend net, advance steadily drive record be careful in one’s conduct censorial job go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.
Lian Zhengwen spends part of value of dream beauty recreational center
Foretaste of go ahead of the rest, outspread and censorial antenna comes ” last meters “
Paper north community is resided appoint in the meeting, liang Peishan of censorial station supervisor is in community the spot is supervised to the commonweal project that weak force group develops inside administer ” stand-by medical certificate ” extend, to residing appoint can affirmatory donation object one by one undertakes list checks, on the side together ” bead area control commission expedites Guangzhou city sea Na Shi head is street and censorial community of group paper north is censorial station ” board is conspicuous all the more. This is the censorial station that control commission of sea bead area sets in paper north community.
Inspect of sea bead area appoint take the lead in hanging out one’s shingle in complete province since holding water, hold to foretaste of go ahead of the rest, explore continuously drive censorial function to street with community outspread. In October 2018, inspect of sea bead area appoint take the lead in finishing whole area to expedite street and censorial group 18 times to hang out one’s shingle in whole town; In January 2019, sufficient price-list of wash one’s hair of sauna of Ford of gold of street of Na Shi head paper north community 6 have representative community to took the lead in launching censorial station pilot job. “Our job is the public authority that is in at the door masses home beside supervisory masses. ” Liang Peishan states beautiful Dou Mengli has half between the cloud, she because basic level job is seasoned be chosen to allow to go up to supervisor post, pass this community at ordinary times peculiar ” community is censorial and astute eye small letter group ” reach begin go on a tour of inspection, visit have an informal discussion, receive visit receive report to wait for a variety of means channel to gather pertinent information, made supervisory antenna outspread arrive ” last meters ” .
Paper north community is censorial the station is an epitome only. According to statistic, sea bead area shares 285 censorial stations, spread all over whole area company of couplet of 18 20 265 street community, economy, provide company of couplet of community, economy in all censorial station stationmaster 123, supervisor 395 name, information member 745. The fashion that close quarters controls not only be helpful for catching catch early small, drive a cadre to walk on duty responsible, still narrowed the distance of masses feels, increased the degree of belief of common people.
“After the censorial station in community is established, feel we are mixed censorial appoint the distance is pulled at a draught close. ” Sha Yuan is street the He Yuqing of an old dweller of wide heavy community plaints, since censorial station is established, she is right censorial appoint the job had more knowledge, knew many proper-noun, it is previously ” watch the scene of bustle ” , nowadays is ” guard the entrance ” .
Neighbor sweeps a code ” sea bead is small censorial ” , get through supervises last kilometer
Lend strength ” big data ” , promote supervisory examination effectiveness
Executive circumstance of punish of one graph pandect, ” red yellow shop sign ” two class early-warning strengthens a canal to accuse… not long ago, reach the designated position to ensure punish decides to carry out, drive ” supervise effectively ” , discipline of sea bead area appoint inspect appoint rely on intelligence of cheap of area anti-corruption initiate to change administrative platform, establish whole town first ” punish decides to carry out a circumstance to control a system ” , compose is built type on the net, synchronous examine and verify, remind early-warning and dynamic analysis ” quaternity ” superintendency mode, apply IT method adequately to decide to punish executive circumstance is carried out ” the cloud is administered ” .
See the staff member nods stroke to leave only ” punish decides executive circumstance controls a system ” , appeared in home page whole area of drive pool sauna investigates and deal with sb the punish of the case carries out a circumstance since 2013, be clear at a glance. Staff member introduction, systematic foundation data is divided in all for punish fundamental condition and punish carry out a circumstance 2 big module 52 specific content.
What make a person find everything new and fresh more is, systematic innovation is installed ” red yellow shop sign ” function of two class early-warning, right expire or exceed the time limit not hold recreational guild hall serves city of sea of hydrotherapy of Guangzhou vasting ooze especially the unit of travel reminds early-warning in time. Area discipline appoint inspect appoint case cognizance room types punish on the system after fundamental condition, the system will send government affairs small letter in time to inform each unit implements relevant punish decision on schedule, pass government affairs small letter to send again in before each link expires 3 days remind. If expire hind executive unit still did not adjust pay of the functionary office degree that gets punish personnel, pay to wait by the regulation, the system will be given out ” yellow shop sign ” early-warning. Via reminding early-warning hind, if carry out an unit to was not rectified and reform on schedule,reach the designated position and cannot make water of concept of banquet adding up to the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces collect manage to explain, the system will be given out ” gules ” warning, and by area discipline appoint inspect appoint carry out to avoid by the regulation, in cold blood the flexible, responsibility unit that rectifies and reform not do one’s best and personnel give ask duty. Can see at present, the disciplinary action that already had 1 person carries out a circumstance to show maize early-warning.
Intelligence of anti-corruption initiate cheap changes supervisory platform to have not merely of course ” punish decides executive circumstance controls a system ” , according to introducing, this platform is already compositive country 3 endowment trade superintend, ” 3 fair ” 20 systems such as the funds management, official government that use a car, still developed visible supervisory function, with butt joint of system of many sound video, develop platform ” clairvoyance ” and ” clairaudient ” action. “New technology develops in change quickly ground all the time, we also remind ourselves to want with open perspective, before the thinking of look up and brand-new method absorb new technology blend in supervise hold discipline asks duty deal with with supervisory investigation in the job, will supervise ‘ probe ‘ wipe more brightly. ” sea bead area appoint discipline of members of standing committee, area appoint inspect of secretary, area appoint summary of director Nie Lei says.
Organization of each unit of sea bead division watchs area caution to teach piece ” the confess inside high fence — cadre of leader of Party member of sea bead area violates discipline to violate typical case caution to record ” , with beside beside job education person
Radically reform, begin ” attack a vital point type ” caution education
“I most I am sorry my mother, my mother many years old 70, age already so big, the issue that considers oneself gives abominable effect is caused in the home, very ashamed remorses. ” in the sea bead area discipline appoint inspect appoint the caution of near future produce a film is taught piece ” the confess inside high fence — cadre of leader of Party member of sea bead area violates discipline to violate typical case caution to record ” in, pa continent is street the confess that some gave out Zhuang Mou of former chief of community service center to come from in the heart. Up to now, already 72 areas belong to an unit worker of cadre of nearly 2000 Party members watchs study this, “The colleague received service object property to get because of using a post to facilitate beside punish of party disipline government affairs, the shock that we get and from alarm the effect is very big. ” a comrade feedbacks.
“‘ not dare corrupt ‘ it is basic premise, accumulate the awe that those who contain is strong maximum pressure; ‘ cannot corrupt ‘ it is the key wants justice, accumulate the safeguard that those who contain is strict rule; ‘ do not think corrupt ‘ it is ultimate goal, accumulate those who contain is the personal integrity that establishs politics heart, 3 person perforative and comprehensive from Yan Zhi the party is given priority to from take temporary solution deepen the effect a permanent cure, whole process that insists to administer thoroughly. So, we besides drive censorial function discipline, actively from respectful of solemn and just wind to basic level outspread, do do greatly fine do solid outside supervising the first duty, also be in self-restraint ‘ do not think corrupt ‘ kongfu of political consciousness fluctuation. ” discipline of sea bead area appoint inspect appoint chief points out. For this, sea bead area with beside beside job education person, science is applied hold discipline examines achievement, change case resource is educational natural resources, violate the cadre of 5 Party members that investigates in recent years discipline to violate typical case to pat caution of consummate of produce a film to teach piece ” the confess inside high fence ” ; Violate 9 typical cases that sea bead area investigates since 2018 discipline to violate case to be collected ” the caution beside — violate discipline to violate case collection ” , make up to whole area each unit hair, with case Shi Jishi law.
Additional, besides open a center of mentioned area conference culture ” Lian Zhengwen spends part ” , sea bead area still will be in Pa continent kisses the many parties such as politics business garden clear to build base to make Lian Zhengwen change a field continuously, begin deep ” keep watch a wind · sea bead story ” cheap politics culture takes the series such as speech match mechanism, community, school, family, country, hospital, enterprise, two new organizations ” octal ” establish an activity, transmit Lian Zhengwen to change connotation and value to direct.

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