City of gold of Guangzhou yellow village belongs to the which city that save ease to lie fallow

Current, guangzhou subway is advancing 13 with all one’s strength (paragraph) , construction of 345 kilometers new line. New line whether construction of successful go into operation, early days construction uses the ground to wait become crucial premise. Build capacity of early days job to promote new line, on July 23, “Wisdom collect early days ” the party builds practice base to be in the subway 7 lines Hai Zhizhou of Guangzhou of abundant of 2 period abundant is recreational wall of meeting place sea is recreational the guild hall takes site of the construction that surround a station to uncover a shop sign formally especially. “Wisdom collect early days ” the party builds practice base to arrange Ming Hao of heart Chen Cun to meet a minister in all phone cent is 11 board piece, reveal through policy, case analysis, photograph is displayed wait for a form, around theme of early days job and key target assignment, according to ” couplet learns, couplet is built, linkage ” the party builds working train of thought, by Guangzhou subway project the management department that use the land, new line builds management department and project to always contract the Party member backbone of the unit establishs group of pioneer of Party member of manage of silver-colored poll of the company on intellectual canal, practice to push group of Party member pioneer jointly, knowledge of job of implementation early days manages and union of photograph of price of consumption of city of emperor of Xin of big stone of carry out of estate deal with concrete matters relating to work, photograph is promoted. Abstract experience of work of project early days through summary, form intellectual system, popularize method of job of advanced technique application, innovation, push Bai Yun to gather together continent the experience takes 7 lines 2 period early days works, cogent safeguard group of hillock to carry water gain numerous benefit on the head, collect what price heart to dissolve contradiction with water of concept of banquet of Guangzhou the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, implementation harmony construction, share development.
It is reported, guangzhou subway 7 lines 2 period the station austral town of college of project circuitry result, stand to water northwest eventually, make an appointment with 21.9km endlong, use underground to lay entirely means. 2 period all fronts is set in all deep well, long continent, Hong Shengsha, abundant abundant is surrounded (change 13 lines) , big Sha Dong (change 5 lines) , Ji Tang, add post of road of abundant of village, division, trailing plants (change 6, average station span makes an appointment with 2.0km. Up to now, all fronts is advancing early days to work, in station of 11 seat coach, 4 local already start working, the preparation before the others is having go into operation works; In 11 interval, 3 interval begin earth to build construction.

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